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We can trust Steve. He is one of us. Born and raised in District 28, Steve has spent his whole life serving and protecting us. From his time as a police officer and highway patrolman, to his service of our communities as a local attorney. A Husband, a Father, a Small Business Owner, Steve is the type of leader we can trust!

Steve’s Solutions

As a state, we need a fair and equitable tax system that ensures a top quality education for our students while not hurting our vital industries.

I will invest in our public schools by keeping our teachers and providing more money to improve the curriculum to better prepare our children to enter the workforce and higher eduction.

I will encourage a partnership between our schools and the business leaders in the community.

I will help our disabled veterans by lowering the percent of disability to receive tax exemptions to purchase goods and services.

“I am humbly asking for your VOTE. I have spent my life facing challenges and finding solutions. I will work just as hard, day and night, for every person in House District 28.”

-Steve Barnes


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Steve Barnes for House 2018

204 E 2nd Street | Wewoka OK 74884